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5 Amazing Arab Projects that Mastered Crowdfunding in Less than 5 Days

The Arab world of collaborative spaces is taken by storm, as five Arab projects mastered crowdfunding raising over $25,000 in less than five days. The projects are participating in the Collaborative Spaces Challenge, an initiative launched by Zoomaal and Mideast Creatives last January 15 to support co-working spaces in the MENA region.

1. The Al Maqarr co-working space was the first project to reach its funding goal, with the record of raising $5,000 in less than 24 hours. Originally from Egypt, the project already counts with over 5,000 members, 90 organizations and 35 startups on board.

2. Qafeer Maker Space reached an impressive $9,000 since the launched of the campaign, surpassing their goal by over 150%. Qafeer is the first co-working space in Egypt’s 6 of October city, focused on helping Egyptians create prototypes for their products.

3. Tunisia’s first co-working space Cogite Creative Corner was also overfunded by 126%, reaching an impressive $6,200 in four days. The project aims to democratize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia by introducing access to quality tools and platforms for entrepreneurs to thrive.

4. Hackzone, Egypt’s hacker community, surpassed its crowdfunding objective by 116%, having raised over $4,600. The project, dedicated to help read, write, and speak Hackers Language and enrich Arabic content, has already trained 1,210 individuals.

5. Alex Hackerspace for only creators was the second fastest funded project, reaching their $2,000 objective in less than 30 hours. Founded in Alexandria, Egypt by a group of young people with a mission to change the way of education in the Arab world, the project also films educational videos in Arabic to teach electronics to hobbyists all over the region.

The MENA spaces challenge offers the opportunity for collaborative spaces to double their funding by matching every $1 contributed with another $1 from Hivos.

For more information: Visit Zoomaal and Mideast Creatives‘ websites.

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