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Egypt’s Koshary Festival Breaks Records With the World’s Largest Plate

10 meters wide and 1.2 meters high: that’s how immense the world’s largest Koshary plate was, presented last January 17 at Egypt’s Koshary Festival. The event, designed by an innovative young entrepreneur for the launch his startup Engezni, was attended by an impressive 7,000 visitors who flocked to El Horyea Garden in Cairo, eager to taste different plates of the Egyptian specialty.

Produced in collaboration with Cairo-famous Koshary store Abu Tarek, the event had a major goal beyond celebrating good food: breaking the Guinness World Record for making the biggest Koshary plate on the planet. Made of rice, lentils, macaroni, fried onions and a spicy sauce, Koshary is a traditional plate served in Egyptian cuisine. With a total weight of over 8,000 kilos, the record-breaking dish could feed nearly 14,000 people.

Amr Ashraf, the 22-year-old entrepreneur who organized the event, said the festival served as a springboard to launch Egypt’s innovative food network Engezni, an app and food network for users to share their favorite tastings and order online.

For more information: Follow the updates on the Koshary Festival’s Facebook page and Twitter handle, and read the 7 World Guinness Records the Middle East broke last year.

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