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International Forum On Thinkers and Doers of The Arab World Kicks Off in Paris

Top leaders, decision-makers and emerging personalities working on the Arab region met last January 15 at the launch of the international forum on Thinkers and Doers of the Arab World, which concludes today at the Arab World Institute, in Paris.

Inaugurated with a speech by French president Francois Hollande, the two-day conference aims to offer a hopeful vision of the Arab world in a critical moment when discourses on the region are stained by the atrocities committed by extremist organizations.

Entitled “The Renewal of the Arab World”, the forum will focus on entrepreneurship, renewable energy, women’s empowerment and the emergence of creativity in the art market, areas which are thriving with changemakers leading a cultural and social reinvention of the region.

“It is more than ever important to get to the heart of the issue now. We want to look beyond the oft-dramatic incidents found in the day’s news to study the essential realities of societies undergoing transformation. We want to hear from those whose voices are muffled by the sound and fury of current events, the voices of those creators, thinkers, stakeholders and committed citizens who work in the various fields of human activity,” says the President of the Arab World Institute Jack Lang.

For more information: Follow the conference on twitter through the hashtags #IMAForum and #Thinkersdoers, and visit the Arab World Institute’s website.

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Valentina Primo

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