Meet a Woman Who’s Changing the Negative Stereotype of Arab Women: A Jordanian Senator, Principal, and Mom

If you search the web for the term “Women in the Middle East,” you will come across article phrases such as “discrimination against women” and “oppression against women.” Haifa Najjar, however, is an example of the magnificence and independence that many Middle Eastern women embody.

Najjar graduated from high school and university in Jordan, extremely passionate about education and determined to make a difference in her country. Today, she is a member of the Upper House of the Jordanian Parliament, as well as the director of a private school for girls. “My biggest ongoing achievement is empowering young women to be agents of change and making them capable of creating a future of their own choice through being lifelong learners, reflective, and critical thinkers, emotionally intelligent, ethical beings open to diversity, initiators of change and finally, knowledge creators.” She is also a member of the International Baccalaureate Heads Council and President of the Business and Professional Women Association in Jordan. In addition to being a successful and diligent career woman, she is also a loving wife and supportive mother to four daughters.

Haifa Najjar is one of the many Arab women that are challenging the common stereotype through their talents, ambition, and intelligence.

Follow Haifa Najjar for updates and sources of inspiration @HaifaNajjar. Article by Leen Hajjar. Follow her on Twitter @LeenHajjar and check out her blog.  

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