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Promoting Positive Social Change Through Business Guidance

 Consult and Coach for a Cause, also known as C3, is an enterprise founded by Medea Nocentini that works to give aspiring social entrepreneurs the necessary skills and experience to succeed, while creating businesses that promote positive social change through the pro-bono guidance and advice of experienced business professionals.

Adnan Fakhoury first discovered C3 through Bain Cares, the social impact initiative at Bain. He decided to register online as a volunteer because he thought it might be a nice way to give back to his community and share some of his consulting skills with other young, emerging social entrepreneurs. Adnan then met with Medea and was inspired by her passion and commitment to help young entrepreneurs. Now the duo are working together on creating a checklist that works to make the volunteer/entrepreneur interaction smoother and more efficient. Adnan notes some of the skills and characteristics needed to become an effective consultant, “A great consultant needs to have a balance between impeccable analytical skills and great people skills. You need first to crack the case and come up with the right strategy, but also have a good relationship with the client and communicate your findings in the best manner possible.”

In the past, Adnan’s experience has seen him working on the financial model of Palestyle, a company that designs and creates high-end clothing pieces while also providing Palestinian refugee women the chance to be a dynamic, productive part of the workforce utilizing their natural skills. He is also working on the financial model of Eshraq, an online platform that connects people in need of medical and counseling advice to real experts, giving them access to services they previously were unable to access.

C3 is a valuable asset to social entrepreneurs in the Middle East, and we will regularly be narrating the empowering, inspiring stories of the many lives affected and changed through the initiative.

For more information: Check out C3’s official website, and learn more about getting involved if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or an aspiring social entrepreneur.

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