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The World’s Largest Participatory Art Project Hits Jordan

Since the 1940s, Jordan has housed people from all over the region — people who turned to Jordan for its continuing stability in a region that can be tumultuous in nature. This has transformed Jordan into a quilt of culture, customs and faiths of people from different backgrounds who have now made Jordan their home. A project brought to Jordan by Nida Al Hamzeh was born from this very principle: the idea that Jordan should be the stable, welcoming home for anyone who seeks it. The project’s aim is to send a unifying message — that we are not defined by our religion or country — but rather, by our humanity. “We are Arabs,” states the Inside Out project poster, “I am human whether I live in my own country or not.”

Launched in 2011 by renowned French artist who goes by the simple acronym JR, the project consists of large-format street portraits of people from around the world, that works as a platform for people to share stories, messages and experiences. Now the Inside Out project has spread, with nearly 200,000 people worldwide, from Nepal to Mexico to Palestine, sharing their images and in turn, sharing their humanity.

This January, Nida and several volunteers went around Irbid and Amman to collect monochromatic, emotive portraits of people found on the street. To be a part of the project or to look at some of the stunning portraiture, visit the Inside Out Jordan page.

For more information: Like the Inside Out Project’s Facebook page, and read more about how the project began on a global-scale on their official website.

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