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Artists Support the Future of Education in Syria

Jusoor Syria, a non-partisan NGO founded by Syrian expatriates in 2011, has been working tirelessly to create educational, informative programs and initiatives to boost the development of Syrian youth. With over 80,000 members, Jusoor seeks to be a bridge for the Syrian community to connect and offer support and help to one another. Now, Jusoor is launching an auction, with art donated by well-known, established Syrian and Arab artists, to support Syrian children and youth in need of educational opportunities. Jusoor understands that only through education can the future have the backbone it needs to succeed, and works to accomplish that. Through a variety of programs, ranging from academic mentorships to entrepreneurship programs and career development, Jusoor offers a platform for positive change and growth at a time when opportunities may seem scarce.

The art works, donated by Middle-Eastern artists of all disciplines, showcase the wide range of talent and expression found in the region. Curated partially by Rafia Koudmani, who also owns the Rafia Gallery in Damascus, the collection is an impressive array of not only creativity, but solidarity for the future of Syria.

For more information: Visit Jusoor’s official website, and like their page on Facebook. Flip through the PDF of all the pieces that will be available in the auction.

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