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Ephemeral Portraits by Yemeni Photographer Ibi Ibrahim

Known for his desire to push the visual boundaries, Yemeni photographer and interdisciplinary artist Ibi Ibrahim has released his newest solo exhibition Light, Leaves and Yemeni Coffee. From January 15 until February 12, JAMM Gallery in Dubai will be exhibiting the collection, which consists of photographs and mixed media concept pieces. Ibi, who always states that his “heart is always in the Middle East,” focuses on creating work that abstractly captures some of how he feels and his connection to the region, despite spending a lot of time outside of it. Currently, Ibi is in Berlin at an artist residency program, and continues to explore new boundaries with his art. The primary medium of this exhibition was Yemeni coffee, it’s importance and value defining huge parts of the social sphere in Yemen, despite the fact the country does not produce much of it anymore in contrast with South America.

Ibi’s exhibition seeks to examine a sense of self; as we change, grow, travel, learn, fail, love and live, what changes and what remains the same? His series reflects on feelings of transience, memory and the evolution of self.

  For more information: Visit JAMM’s official website to check out the pieces (or visit to the gallery itself!) and look at Ibi’s work on his official Facebook page.

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