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HQSF Ambassadors Train in Ramallah to Expand the Good News Network

A team of 23 alumni from the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation participated last February 7 in a training organized in collaboration with BarakaBits in Ramallah, Palestine, where the young graduates geared up to participate in the HQSF Ambassadors Program.

With interactive activities and live tweeters constantly reporting on the sessions, the event aimed at engaging the Foundation’s alumni to further efforts towards expanding educational reach for Palestinians, while creating a network for HQSF students and stakeholders to meet.

“We are not communicating ourselves. What’s the story about Palestine that we are telling the world?,” asked BarakaBits’s founder Rama Chakaki as the event kicked off to discuss the importance of storytelling. As the event unfolded, sessions on scholarship program involvement, news writing and data analytics provided the former students with tools to get involved and contribute to boosting the foundation’s impact to education in the country.

For more information: Visit the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation‘s website and follow them on their Twitter through the hashtag #HQSF2015 and Facebook page.

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