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This May Just Be the Most Meaningful Shakespeare Remake Ever: Syrian Romeo and Juliet, Separated By War

We’ve said it once and again: The best ‘Hamlet’ ever is at the Shakespeare Tent in Zaatari. Produced by Syrian humanitarian Nawar Bulbul and rehearsed at a tent built from scrap at the refugee camp, Shakespeare in Zaatari‘ now adds a unique twist to history’s most iconic love story: a ‘Syrian Romeo and Juliet’.    

Romeo is a young boy who lost his legs before fleeing Syria to seek safety in Jordan. Juliet is a young girl trapped in a besieged city in Syria, where she is cut off from resources and her extended family. “It is a story of love. Of passion. Of separation. And of longing. Romeo cannot wait to return to his loves, Juliet and Syria,” says Hazami Barmada, who is running a crowdfunding campaign to support the play.

Launched on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding campaign aims at raising $ 7,000 to provide computer equipment and basic technology tools to live stream the play via Skype, as well as transportation for the production team, videography and photography, and gifts for children and the families involved.

For more information: Visit their Facebook page and support the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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