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Social Entrepreneurship Finds the Perfect Platform for Growth

Tena Pick moved to Dubai from London immediately after completing her masters in social entrepreneurship. Looking for a place to use her skills to help social businesses grow in the region, she immediately began working for C3, and now heads up all of their social media outreach. C3, which stands for Consult and Coach for a Cause, employs the skills, networks and knowledge of business professionals to help aspiring social entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground. “C3 was a logical choice because of their outreach and impact as well very thought out programming that assures all entrepreneurs get what they need depending on the stage they are in. I love that C3 is a volunteer-run organization because of the different backgrounds and expertise that all members bring to the table and how it really creates a community of professionals and entrepreneurs who believe there is another way of doing business,” said Tena.

The work C3 does is vital to the development of UAE and the surrounding region due to its primary focus on business and environmental sustainability. C3 supports and helps to solve some of the regions — and the world’s, for that matter — most pressing issues. Ranging from youth unemployment to green energy and recycling, C3 aims to focus its skill areas, knowledge base and extensive network around these issues that will make a great impact down the road. “In the future, I hope we will see a lot more synergies between organizations with a similar purpose as well as between the private and public sectors and social businesses,” she adds.

For more information: Visit C3’s official website and learn more about all the impactful things they do

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