#ToRebuildGaza is Connecting Volunteers Globally, from Chicago to Gaza

“I want the world to know about Huda Al Masri-Sosebee (God bless her soul), a Palestinian refugee who had so much love that she inspired her American husband to start a foundation to save thousands of children. It is an honor to tell their story and have the world work together to save her children in Gaza and all over the world.” Dina Saoudi Othman shares her vision on how she launched #ToRebuildGaza with her two sisters in July 2014. A concept that began with the faith grounded in the sisters love for humanity and healing the world.

The drive to build a global movement was instigated from a hospital bed in Chicago as Hamzah Othman was born, and simultaneously other babies were losing their lives all the way in Gaza. Dina, in her burning desire to love and give her baby everything it deserves, took a position to say other babies deserved the same rights, dignity and safety.

#ToRebuildGaza has grown from Chicago to Amman, the UK, the UAE, Ireland, Canada, Wider USA, Oman, Doha, Saudi Arabia and its popularity is growing organically and exponentially, thanks to the common cause uniting us all – helping people! They have now reached their first milestone and engaged with an incredible community of volunteers/supporters, passionate about people. Collectively, they have been able to raise $38k to support initiatives such as home protection for families in Gaza, during the winter season. But the work doesn’t stop here. #ToRebuildGaza has expanded its efforts globally, so that people that want to make a difference anywhere in the world can. Maybe it’s selling a sticker to help build the PCRF Children’s Cancer Department in the honor of the late Huda Al Masri Sosebee, or maybe it’s starting right in your local community to reach out to those that need it. As small as it may be, collectively, individuals can begin to make a difference in their local communities.

In essence, #ToRebuildGaza is about rebuilding the way we see the world. It is connecting with those in Gaza and abroad to say, we can make a difference. Since its launch, the initiative has started multiple campaigns, #Give and #ToRebuildGaza, dedicated to help those in need during the harsh winter months at the Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash, Jordan, and #Pray #ToRebuildGaza as a collective tribute to all faiths to come together with a common goal of peace and harmony amongst all.

For more information: To join efforts, visit To Rebuild Gaza’s Facebook Page

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