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Meet a Super Team of Comic Book Super Heroes Based on Islamic Culture

Founded in 2003 by Dr Naif Al-Mutawa, Teshkeel Media has made it their goal to create uplifting, high-quality media for children in the Middle East. Feeling a keen lack in positive role-models that Arab children could relate to, Dr Naif hoped to establish a source of entertainment that would be relatable and inspiring for children throughout the region.

In addition to translating American comics, Teshkeel has created an original comic book super hero series entitled “The 99”. Debuting in 2006, the comic was published in Arabic, English, Indonesian and other languages and was spread globally. The series’ main character is Dr Ramzi, a scholar and social activist, and 99 others, whose goal is to retrieve and protect these 99 “Noor” gemstones, which contain all of the knowledge of the lost civilization of Baghdad. The comics’ antagonists are led by Rughal, a power-seeking villain who also aims to retrieve and destroy all 99 of the gemstones. The comic series has since been created into a television series, which can be watched on YouTube.

For more information: Visit The 99’s official Facebook page, visit the official website, watch the series on YouTube, and follow their news on Twitter.

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