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How the Numbers 15 and 60 Relate To Saudi Women

15% represents the female workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 60% represents the number of unemployed females who have PhDs in Saudi according to a study by Booz & Co. These stats are the reason Khaild Alkhudair and Jamal AlMansour setup Glowork, a website to empower women and increase diversity in the Saudi workforce. They’re starting local and setting their vision to enable women across the region.

At a glance, Glowork has:

  • 250 users short of 30,000 subscribers
  • 2,085 job listings
  • 6 ambassadors
  • 21,000 Facebook followers
  • Dozens of partners and employers

In addition to employment opportunities tailored for women, Glowork offers career counseling and CV evaluation services and a calendar of events relevant to the site community.  This semi-finalist Social Enterprise of the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition has what it takes to have a strong social impact on the region.  A focused market and social mission, coupled with the right mix of partners and services will undoubtedly make waves in the recruitment industry. Watch out, you’ve got competition!

So does Glowork get your vote?


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Rama Chakaki

BarakaBits Founder & Chief Optimist

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