How Louay Eldada’s Quanergy Brings Us One Step Closer to Commercial Self-Driving Cars

A university of Columbia graduate, Dr. Louay Eldada is no layman when it comes to entrepreneurship and technology. Prior to having founded Quanergy — a company that develops smart sensing solutions for real-time 3D mapping and object detection — Louay had founded and sold three different Fourtune 100 companies.

If that’s not impressive enough, let’s understand the scale at which Quanergy has expanded since its inception from an office in a garage to a company that raised over 4.5$ in seed funding from heavyweights like Tesla and Samsung Ventures. Although the technology involved sounds like a spy’s Christmas gift, Quanergy has potential in key markets ranging from archaeology to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The 3D modelling needed to map the surrounding environment is crowd sourced, daily updated and accurate within a centimeter. Louay tells us that Quanergy safety systems will be able to “detect objects, classify them and track them,” and even “take action if the person handling them doesn’t react quickly enough”.

For the tech savvy amongst us, Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors are eyesafe and feature 360° field of view, 300 meter range, 1.5 cm 1σ accuracy, 30 Hz scanning frequency, 0.1° angular resolution, and a high dynamic range under various weather conditions, which gives for a huge leap in accuracy and range.

Quanergy’s affordable “Laser Imaging, Detection and Ranging” (or in short, LiDAR) sensors are set to ease autonomous driver systems into the markets, with a impressive 80% reduction in transportation accidents.

For more information: Keep up with Quanergy’s updates here

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