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The Times of Lebanon with Michel El Mir and Louma Rabah

Born in Lebanon, both artisst Michel El Mir and Louma Rabah represent the Lebanon they know. Michel El Mir, also know as Melmir (1930-1973) was an artist, painter and a sculptor. He travelled greatly and extensively —  even to China — learning and picking up on things on his way. Known for his knife painting, he is one of the icons of Lebanese art.

Louma Rabah, a young contemporary artist and painter, is known for her use of bright vivid color and use of patchwork in her paintings. Famous for her landscapes and portraits, she lives by the motto, “If you can create something (that is real), why not create it better”.

Check out their exhibition, running until March 30, in Noon Hotel Apartment, Dubai; the only complete art based hotel.

For more information: Check out their official websites Louma and Micheal.

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