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E-Rain Gate: The Smart Road Drain System

Long before everything turned smart entrepreneur Khaled A. Hamid El Nems, devised a way to make road drainage systems smarter in October 2012. In the time of technological advancements, that is ages ago. The primary idea being to create smart gates for storm water inlets that are sensitive to water/rain and open and close automatically when required. What this does is restrict sand from flooding these inlets during or before rain. It also has an added feature of electronic maintenance which checks the sand level or percentage in the inlets eliminating the chance of lengthy the manual labour or faulty assessment of these inlets. E-Rain Gate is now a semi-finalist for the MIT Entrepreneurial Forum Pan- Arab Competition.

But overall, there are many more advantages to E-Rain Gate than just its practical use.

1) It stops sand and other elements from blocking the inlets which lead to flooding on the streets.

2) It reduces manual labor and mistakes when it comes to maintenance of these Inlets.

3) It leads to a smart way of road management, where regular checks can be made with just the click of a mouse.

4) It blocks the water drainage system from becoming as escape route for potential criminals.

For more information: Keep up with the competition follow MIT EF (Pan – Arab) on Twitter.

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