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What’s On Your Fork? The Kuwaiti App That Will Surprise You

What’s On Your Fork? is the brain child of Noora AlAskar, a Kuwaiti clinical nutrition specialist who, after finishing her postgraduate studies in the USA, witnessed a growing rise in obesity in the region. “I kept on hearing the same two phrases repeatedly: ‘I want to lose weight but I don’t always have the time or money to constantly come and visit a nutritionist especially with prices escalating in the market,’” she tells BarakaBits.

With that in mind, and with the help of a team of family and friends, Alaskar decided to build an accessible and simple solution to solve this growing epidemic: a mobile app. “I’m a fixer, I have a keen curiosity and avid passion for helping people find their happy place in any problem, no matter how big or small, there’s always has an answer,” she tells BarakaBits.

The What’s On Your Fork? mobile app gives users the chance to have a personalized nutritionist at one’s fingertips; it can be used as a lifestyle intervention to help manage the growing obesity epidemic in the region, as well as an interactive health and nutrition marketplace for users.

Now running up the semi-finals at the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition, the project has incubated and is starting to hatch out of the egg, with two possible first round investors. “This competition has been the perfect environment to help shape and hone in on the idea, and actually develop it through to concept stage. We are very excited about MITEF, and seeing this application into realization!” she says.

For more information: Follow the MIT Competition on Twitter at @MITEFarab

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