5 Steps to Apply For a Scholarship Abroad

Applying for a scholarship can sometimes imply a series of procedures where deadlines and requirements turn into a labyrinth with no end. In order to simplify the process, Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation shares with BarakaBits 5 clear steps to follow when applying for a scholarship to study abroad.

1. First, check the accredited universities by the foundation and the field of study that they support, and apply for unconditional admission at the university that you are interested in. You will need to check their application deadlines and schedule to make sure that you will obtain admission before the scholarship deadline.

2. Once you obtain university admission, fill in the application form, which you can find online. HQSF regularly announces its different rounds of scholarships in November (for graduate programs), so you will need to check the website regularly.

3. Attach all required supporting documents, such as ID, certificates, and a photograph. When applying online, make sure that there were no technical problems during the upload, as it can invalidate the whole application.

4. Make sure your e-mail address and contact information is valid and updated. It often occurs that applications are discarded because the organization was not able to reach the applicant.

5. Focus on your motivational letter or statement. State your aspirations and explain how much this scholarship could help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Be honest. HQSF focuses on personality, future plan, entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement (mention activities you are involved in, for example).

This article is part of a series on education in Palestine through the work of Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation. Read more of their stories on their website

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