Lebanon, Syria
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Building a Playground With the Power to Heal

A non-profit design studio that works internationally with projects that can garner the potential to catalyze change in society, CatalyticAction, has taken on a new project. The team of creative, innovative thinkers are raising money to build an interactive playground space for Syrian refugee children in Bar Elias, Lebanon.

The region is now home to a huge portion of Syrian refugees, housing a population of up to 1.1 million refugees. UNHCR estimates that of that amount, over 600,000 are children. Though international efforts do try to deliver necessary aid, temporary shelters, medications and food, aid efforts are always stretched thin. Catalytic Action also understands that while those basic needs are imperative, the psychological needs of these children, who have undoubtedly experienced intensive trauma in the past few years, also need a space. They hope that the playground can not only be a safe place for children to play, but also a space for them to grow, to feel normal, and to be able to feel that innocent, joyful feeling of childhood again.

“We believe that a playground has the power to heal and help 

these children cope.”

For more information: Visit Catalytic Action’s official website, like their Facebook page and donate to their IndieGogo campaign!

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