CoursePeer Inc., a global provider of cloud-based learning and collaboration solutions for academia and enterprise has officially launched a new site called The initiative seeks to teach coding and computer science skills to youth in the Middle East and North Africa through an interactive, innovative game-based approach. The software intends to educate one million youth ages 8 and above in both Arabic and English, while also providing educators and government stakeholders with the necessary platforms for monitoring students progress and needs.

ArabCode hopes to generate 50,000 qualified coders that will be ready to join the job market by 2020. “The MENA region faces a tough challenge in terms of being globally competitive in the digital and technology sectors,” said Hadi Aladdin, Co-founder and CEO of CoursePeer Inc. “We have launched to meet this challenge head on by educating the youth about coding and computer programming today, so that they can become the leaders of the digital marketplace tomorrow.”

Facts show that only 1 in 10 American schools teach coding as part of their curriculum, and even fewer within the MENA region. hopes to boost the region’s economic growth and add more productive skill sets to the competitive job market. The initiative was featured at this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum Pan-Arab Conference in Kuwait, and is planning on soon announcing major partnerships in Saudi Arabia.

For more information: Visit ArabCode’s official website.

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