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A Night of Short Palestinian Films at The Jerusalem Fund

The Jerusalem Fund, located in Washington DC, regularly hosts events that work to share and preserve Palestinian culture. On June 2, the organization will be hosting a series of Palestinian films located at the Palestine Center in Washington DC. The films being shown will be Though I Know the River is Dry, Home Movies Gaza, O Persecuted, Deep Sleep and Balconies.

The event is organized as part of the Jerusalem Fund’s cultural programs, in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. The video clip is from Omar Robert Hamilton’s 20 minute film Though I Know the River is Dry, which narrates the common tropes shared by many Palestinians, both within the country and outside of it, telling the heartbreaking tale of division, leaving one’s homeland and the desire to return. Narrated by the main character, the short film leaves a lasting imprint about the heaviness associated with many Palestinian’s connection to the land and its greater meaning.

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below! 

For more information: Visit the Jerusalem Fund’s official website, and if you’re in the area, stay updated with the cultural events they regularly host through Twitter.

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