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Shake the Dust: Breakdancing for Empowerment in Yemen

A new documentary by filmmaker and journalist Adam Sjöberg and rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones, entitled Shake the Dust, provides a unique look into the world of breakdancing. And not exactly in locations one might expect. The breakdancing movement, which most likely originated in New York’s Bronx neighborhood, has now spanned globally and become a great way for young people to stay active, to move, dance and build friendships and a sense of lasting community.

The film tells the story of various young rappers, b-boy dancers and DJs in Cambodia, Colombia, Uganda and Yemen. Grammy-nominated rapper Nas has been quoted saying: “What these kids are doing around the world reminds me why I fell in love with hip-hop and how important it is as a creative and constructive outlet.” The film highlights how these contemporary forms of music and art can also act as forms of empowerment in places where struggle is common.

Now, Shake the Dust is officially available to watch online as part of a 30-day exclusive digital download on Vimeo. Tomorrow, May 15, the film will begin screenings throughout the United States. starting at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.

For more information: Visit the official website for more information and to read more press coverage, Shake the Dust official Facebook page, and keep up with the screening dates on Twitter.

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