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Desert Breath: A Stunning 100,000 m2 Art Installation

In the middle of the expansive Sahara desert located in Egypt, stands the Desert Breath project. A land art project that was created by D.A.ST Artteam. The team that was founded in 1995 by installation artist Danae Stratou, and a group of architects and designers who wanted to work together on designing and constructing a massive art installation that expands over an area of 100, 000m2.

The project that reflects the artists’ perception of the area consists of a number of conical volumes that were constructed out of sand and distributed on two interlocking spirals that burst from the center of the project which is a 30m diameter water vessel.

The project required the displacement of almost 8,000 m3 of sand to construct conceptual works on two different levels and from two different viewpoints: the first from above, and the second is from the ground as a physical experience that visitors encounter when walking between the spiral pathways.

Completed in March 1997, several remains of the installation still exist, reflecting the slow disintegration through time. You can still see the installation in satellite images from Google Earth.

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