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8 Stunning Images That Will Make You Book a Ticket to Oman

Oman is often considered an oasis amidst the expansive desert of the Gulf. Rated as the 59th most peaceful country in the world by the Global Peace Index, Oman is a wonderful choice for a relaxing Middle Eastern get-away. Different from the glitz found in the UAE, Oman offers a vast variety of culture, heritage, scenery and nature. Often overlooked by travelers, Oman boasts some of the region’s best hiking spots and is ideal for landscape photography. In its monsoon season (Khareef), Wadi Darbat, in Salalah, becomes this lush green oasis in a spot that normally hosts a vast desert.

We picked some beautiful images by two photographers that display the unique diversity that can be found in this peaceful Gulf country. Ahmed Al-Shukaili, an Omani photographer based in Muscat, has been taking photos for years. He says he feels blessed to live in a country that is so rich in culture and heritage, and hopes that wealth is felt through his images. Also a fan of landscape and nature photography, Ahmed captures the serenity found throughout Oman’s various beaches, shores, hills and valleys.

For more information: Check out Wajahat Mahmoud’s stunning selection of lush photos of Oman on his Flickr account, and visit Ahmed Al-Shukaili’s official website to see a selection of his work throughout the country.

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