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5 Tips to Get your CV Noticed by Dubai Employers

Dubai is becoming the region’s most active business hub. It is constantly growing and everyone wants a piece of the cake.  At, we have people walking in everyday submitting their applications on our desk. Getting a job in this city is not easy, especially because all companies get swamped by CVs sent to them on a daily basis. To make sure your CV gets the right attention it deserves, here are 5 tips that you should look out for while writing your curriculum vitae:

 1) Address your CV and cover letter to a real person: Do your research and find out the person’s name you are sending the application to. Try to find the decision maker’s email address and mail them your CV with a good cover letter.  Avoid addressing it to “Dear Sir/ Madam”, and sending it to the company’s “” email address.

2) Typos! Typos! Typos!: You cannot imagine the number of CVs we get everyday with spelling and grammar mistakes.  Use spell check, and get two other people to read the CV to help you spot mistakes before you send them in.  A really good tip is to read your CV from bottom to top, and read the sentences in reverse order to help you spot typos.

3) Stick to one page: If President Obama can fit his work experience into two pages, you can do yours in one. Do not lengthen it with unnecessary information — keep it short, relevant and easy to read. I personally use Obama’s CV as a guideline for conciseness and impact when I write my own CV.

4) Tell me why you want to work here: Cover letters that are generic and just talk about who you are will not catch a potential employer’s attention.  Tell us why you think this company is great, and why you want to work there.  Then tell us why you think you would be a great fit.

5) Most recent and relevant first: When you list your education and work experience, always put your most recent experience first, and provide much more detail for those. What you did in high school is something you can keep for the interview if and when it comes up!

In a nutshell, keep your CV short and simple, and relevant to the company you are applying to. Hopefully that will boost your chances to get you that coveted job interview!

This article was provided by Bana Shomali, CEO of – an online portal that matches customers with the best moving, shipping, storage and home service companies in the UAE.

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