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The Chain Effect: Encouraging Sustainable Transport in Beirut

Anyone who has ever driven in Beirut can attest to the fact that it’s hectic, crowded and oftentimes, frustrating. Due to the over-crowded nature of the streets, it often leads to a lack of road safety, an increase in traffic jams and accidents, and higher rates of pollution due to the lack of carpooling.

Step in a group of young artists who thought of encouraging Beirut to become a more bicycle-friendly city. Through street art and stencils, the group formed an initiative they called “The Chain Effect”, and began going around leaving their mark on various areas of Beirut. With statements like “If you rode a bicycle, you’d be there by now” and “burn fat, not fuel”, the initiative encourages Beirut to see the many benefits to cycling and ditching the vehicle. You’ll save time, reduce carbon pollution, and add aerobic activity to your daily mode of transport, meaning you can possibly forego the expensive gym membership! All in all, biking is a great way to stay fit, save money and it’s great for the planet.

For more information: Follow The Chain Effect on Facebook, and get cycling!

What do you think of this initiative? Would you cycle in Beirut?    

Learn more about how to get into biking, and all the positive effects it can have on your life:


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