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Dumye: Creating Dolls With a Purpose

According to official UNICEF estimations, there are more than 132 million orphaned children around the world. Some of them have lost their families due to violence, war, diseases that are ultimately preventable, or poverty. In addition to not having parents to guide their growth, these children often do not have necessary education, support systems or even toys.

A social enterprise, called Dumyé, stepped in to create handmade dolls that encourage growth and a nurturing spirit. The idea behind the enterprise is that with each doll that is purchased, Dumye donates a doll to an orphaned or vulnerable child, and invites them to make it their own customized doll through an art workshop. This process always the children to create something on their own, and experience the feeling of taking responsibility over a creative process that also works as a form of therapy.  The woman behind Dumye was inspired to create the brand when she had her own daughter, and wanted to gift her a doll that could be equally bespoke and meaningful.

This story of the Syrian refugee children, receiving their first Dumye dolls, is truly inspiring. If you’re interested in volunteering at a doll-making workshop with Dumye, sign up here.

For more information: Check out the Dumye official website, and get yourself a doll that contributes to a great cause!

Want to learn to make your own handmade dolls as a fun project with your kids? Check these books out!

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