Harvesting the Fruits of Human Connection: The Virtual Iftar Project

As we approach the halfway mark of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the United States celebrates their Independence Day, behold this brilliant, right-minded American filmmakers project by Eric Maddox and Katie Cook, engaging and connecting communities across cultures, countries, and creeds as they road trip it from Kosovo to Sweden.

The Virtual Iftar Project is a unique mobile platform bringing together Muslims and non-Muslims over dinner, both in person and via Skype — and culminating in a documentary on the diverse Muslim communities hosting the filmmakers (and making delicious food) along the way. The essence of meaningful grassroots dialog in the internet age, this modern-day caravan nourishes authentic intercultural illumination that takes us beyond the uninformed political rhetoric and sound-byte stereotypes of our time.Taste something new. Eat something REAL. Invest in this global dinner table of dialogue and collaboration. Watch the video and learn more about what inspired Eric to start the project and show a different side of the Middle East than is often seen in mainstream media. This is the real deal, sweet denizens: Join us in bringing it to life!

For more information: Donate to the IndieGogo campaign here, learn more about the project’s philosophy on Virtual Dinner Guest Project, and watch the project as it travels on Twitter @DinnerProject

Words by Jasmine Melvin-Koushki, design and operations apprentice at ThreeAsfour and social entrepreneur. Connect with her via Facebook

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