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Natural Remedies of Arabia

Ever wondered why your mother uses garlic to heal a bee’s sting? Feeds you banana when you’re having diarrhea? Asks you to use Alum AKA Shabba as a deodorant?

By definition, natural remedies are medicinal products in which the active ingredient is derived from natural sources, has not been processed too highly and consists of an animal part, bacterial culture, mineral or salt. This means that, for example, isolated compounds or chemically modified ingredients cannot be included in natural remedies.

According to G Baldwin & Co, there are references to plants being used in medicine on papyrus writings from the Ancient Chinese and Ancient Egyptians too. It is fair to say that from as early as 3000 BC plants have been used in medicine.

Check this article by Robert W. Lebling and Donna Pepperdine about Natural Remedies of Arabia on Saudi Aramco World, in which they explain the benefits of every herb and how they can be used.

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