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Promoting diversity through street festivals in Egypt

Egypt is a very diverse country, not only in terms of its nature, ranging from the Nile Delta to the Western and Eastern deserts, but also in terms of its population. Although the majority of the population identify as Muslim, Egypt has a significant number of minority groups, including the Nubians. And this summer, this often forgotten minority group was celebrated in the Street Carnival dance and music project, sponsored by (among others) the Egyptian El-Madina foundation. The purpose: to break stereotypes and show a positive and lively side of the Nubian culture through art, and to promote diversity in Egyptian society.

In the Ahram Online article “In photos: Street Carnival project brings minority cultures to cities across Egypt”, Nourhan Tewfik shows us more about the initiative and its participants through a short description and a number of photos of colorful outfits, smiling faces and traditional dance moves.

Want to get a taste of what the Street Carnival project was like? Then take a look at all of the photos and descriptions in the full article here!

Do you know of any other projects that celebrate the cultures of minority groups in the Middle East? Let us know!

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