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4 Activities Giving Your Lunch Hour a Fresh Perspective

As an entrepreneur, starting your own business can be a long, busy and potentially stressful process. While trying to find an office for rent in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, interviewing possible employees and working out all the kinks that come with starting a new business, there isn’t much time for downtime. Here are four ways to ensure you enjoy your much needed time out, when you can fit it in, that is!

Get Moving Get your daily dose of exercise at Creekside Park (or Dubai Creek Park), one of the oldest parks in Dubai. Open from 8am until 11pm daily with a running track approximately 4km in length, it’s the perfect place to spend your lunch hour when you need a break from your desk chair.

Spend an hour at the Spa To melt away any unwanted tension – put your feet up and enjoy a Reflexology Massage at ZenZu Spa at The Eclipse Boutique Suites in Abu Dhabi. They have great deals and an atmosphere that is sure to help you forget all of your work woes for an hour or two. A reflexology massage has many benefits, including relieving stress and migraines.

Take a coffee break The best part about taking a coffee break is accompanying the much needed caffeine boost with a delicious slice of cake. The Farm in Dubai is a leisurely restaurant spot with luscious green surroundings, and is the perfect place to enjoy a pot of vintage tea or flavored coffee and a chocolate, sticky date or banana cupcake. If you simply cannot get away from your desk for too long, double up this coffee break with a casual meeting or creative brainstorm to get the most out of your day.

Socialise, Make New Connections or Join a Club If you would prefer to meet up with someone you already know, phone a friend you have not seen in a while and catch up on what’s new in their life over a delicious meal. Or, you can join one of the many clubs Abu Dhabi has to offer and meet someone new. There are clubs for a wide variety of interests including the Abu Dhabi Striders Running Club or the Abu Dhabi Football League.

Separating yourself from your office environment for an hour might seem stressful at first, but will benefit you in the long run, giving you a short time to relax, recoup and gather your thoughts, making your day a little easier.

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