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Attention All Runners: Now Is the Time to Participate in a Middle Eastern Marathon!

Do you love to run? Are you curious enough to explore new running grounds? Then why not sign up for one of the upcoming marathons in the Middle East or North Africa! Whether you are interested in running for a specific cause or just to run among fellow international participants, you are guaranteed to find a race that is perfect for you.

Amman Marathon, 9 Oct 2015 (Amman, Jordan)

Amman Marathon was the first road marathon in Jordan (and remains the only race conducted on the busy streets of Amman) and was established by the NGO Run Jordan. The marathon also offers a wheelchair race and one for the visually impaired.

BDL Beirut Marathon, 8 Nov 2015 (Beirut, Lebanon)

The largest marathon in the Middle East. And guess what their social media campaign hashtag is this year? That’s right – #peacerunners.

Sahara Marathon, 23 Feb 2016 (Tindouf, Algeria)

A marathon set up to show solidarity with the Saharawi people, to raise awareness for the needs of West Saharan children, and to encourage sport activities among young Saharawis. Participants will also learn more about the history of the Saharawi people.


These are only three examples of marathons in the Middle East and North Africa, but there are races offered in almost every country across the region. Don’t miss your chance to sign up!

Have you run any marathons in the Middle East or North Africa? Let us know which one!


This post originally appeared on A Teaspoon of (لیمون) Zest.


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