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Humans of Palestine

With cameras and questions on hand, Humans of Palestine (HOP) Team of four people Anas and Abdelrahman from Gaza Strip, and We’am and Ja’afar from West-bank. is always ready to capture snippets of the lives of Palestinian people. The duo shares these snapshots and conversations with the public through Humans of Palestine.

Less than a month ago, HOP launched it’s page, Humans of Palestine, on Facebook. Since then, the page has reached more than 15,000 likes and continues to gain popularity daily. Like the original site created by Brandon Stanton, Humans of Palestine features photos of random Palestinian people from different parts (Gaza Strip, West-bank and Palestinians citizen of Israel), and excerpts of conversations that HOP has with them.


Thank you for supporting us to share as many as we can daily life stories from across the country, Palestine

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