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How to Tell if Your Olive Oil is pure and hasn’t gone bad

Did you know that arguably 60 percent of olive oil sold worldwide is fake? Telling real olive oil apart from fake olive oil is usually a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting extra virgin olive oil. It is paramount that you purchase one of impeccable taste and quality. In order to get the best out of your olive oil, it is advisable to buy in small quantities, so as to avoid the oil from becoming rancid by storing it for long periods of time. Know your oil, by carefully reading the contents as described on the bottle. Consequently, after a few trials and errors, I was able to settle on Palestinian Olive Oil. Not only is it organic, but also rich in flavor.

However, it took years of disappointment and bad judgement before I could finally get a high-quality virgin olive oil. Here are some few no-nos you should keep in mind from my experience when it comes to buying olive oil:

-Being musty.

This is a mouldy flavor that is caused by the olives being stored in a humid atmosphere for long periods of time. This prompts the growth of yeast and fungi that lead to that awful taste.

-Being stale.Commonly referred to as being rancid, olive oil should never have an aftertaste that is greasy. Being rancid also constitutes an unpleasant odor which is the worst of all.

-Being metallic.

This usually arises when the oil is stored in metal containers for long periods thus resulting in that aftertaste.

-Being earthy.This is a taste that arises from spoiled fruit that was not washed properly. Though rare, it can sometimes present itself in otherwise good quality olive oil. That is why I insist on Palestinian Olive Oil as this is something you are not likely to encounter.

-Having a winery taste.It is a well-known fact that wine gets better with age. However, it is quite contrary, when it comes to olive oil. Olive oil should not have a bitter winery taste to it as it is a sign that it’s not edible.

After being let down time and time again, I finally discovered a good olive oil that worked for me, Palestinian olive oil which is of admirable quality. I am an advert fan of the extra virgin olive oil. Made from Nibali Olives, which is a native to Palestine, it is considered to be among the best worldwide. I highly recommend it as it is not only organic, but very healthy. It’s the ultimate product for making salads and cooking low-calorie tasty meals. With incredibly positive reviews, you are assured of achieving the best results.

When it comes to choosing a good quality olive oil, it is always necessary to do a bit of research. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose the one in a dark colored bottle as it protects the oil from light.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place, tightly sealed.
  3. For longer freshness, check out the expiry date on the bottle and select the one with a shelf life of at least two years.
  4. Finally, choose products that smell sweet and have a pleasant taste.

I, myself, swear by Palestinian Olive Oil, but you also have a choice of using what works best for you.

If you are interested in getting olive oil straight from Palestine, you can do so here.

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