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Gigi Hadid: Palestinian and Proud

Jelena “Gigi” Nour Hadid, one of the most prominent super-models of the year, has taken the fashion world by storm! It is common knowledge that Hadid’s mother is Yolanda Foster, one of the stars on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, what most people don’t know is that Hadid’s father is Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer from Palestine. Her father’s family fled to Syria after the war and then migrated to America, where he has become one of the most important names of Palestinians living in the U.S.

After a recent Instagram picture posted of her Henna tattoos, Gigi Hadid told her followers that she is proud to embrace her heritage as half Palestinian. A portion of the caption on the picture went something like this: “It’s so important to be with the families that raised you and the friends that were raised with yours. So much love in my heart this holiday season !!!!! (& before you go all ‘cultural appropriation’ in my comments, check out the last name. Hadid. Half Palestinian & proud of it).”

This 20 year old supermodel doesn’t want anyone to forget who she is because she is sure bent on embracing her culture as half-Palestinian! Her voice effectively raised people’s awareness on the importance of the Palestinian cause and her henna girl’s night out was a chance for her to tell the world that having Palestinian blood is something to be proud of.

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