13 signs that you were raised by an Arab Dad

Following our article11 Signs You Were Raised by an Arab Mom, we’ve decided to create a list in tribute to our amazing Arab Dads out there.

Here are 13 signs that you were raised by an Arab Dad.

  1. Your dad constantly refers to you as ‘Baba or Yaba’, which is Arabic for Dad. And your non-Arab friends have no clue why!
  2. Your dad repeatedly reminds you and your mother that you both are the cause of his baldness and/or gray hairs, and genetics has nothing to do with it.
  3. Your dad pronounces People as ‘Beoble’ and Pepsi as ‘Bebsi’.
  4. When he doesn’t call you habibi, habibti or baba, and instead uses your actual name…..You know you’re in deep trouble.
  5. Your dad swears at you with words that actually affect himself.
  6. When you or your brothers have been named either after your grandfather or great grandfather. And if that isn’t the case your name is most likely Mohammad, Ahmad or Mahmoud.
  7. When your dad uses Inshallah interchangeably for NO!
  8. Your dad can’t have a meal without bread.
  9. Upon finishing lunch, the first question your dad asks “Where is the Coffee?!”.
  10. The moment your dad begins to remove his belt and says that he just wants to talk. You know that you need to run for your life.
  11. When your dad, after piercing your ear drum with his loud voice, shuts the phone in your face without ending the conversation and saying goodbye.
  12. When he’s not watching the Al-Jazeera news, he’s most likely watching a soccer match of Real Madrid vs. Barcelona or the National Geographic channel.
  13. And when he is not at work or at home, you know you can always find him at the nearest Kahwa “Coffee Shop”.

How did you score? Which signs apply to you? Feel free to share with us signs that we didn’t cover, in the comment box below.

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