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A Tribute to Sami Haven

It comes with tremendous sadness that I write this tribute to Sami Haven. Sami, who was BarakaBits dedicated photographer from the beginning, was also a dear friend to us all. I want to keep this short memoir heartfelt and simple, just like Sami was.

I will never forget the first time I sat down with Sami, in a little Jabal el Weibdeh café underneath tresses of jasmine bushes, and felt the infectiousness of his enthusiasm. As he told me about his experiences in Gaza, where he lived and worked before moving back to Amman, I knew that this individual was one that would emphatically influence me and countless others. From then on, Sami and I collaborated on many stories and, more importantly, became close friends.

Sami had an ethereal way of viewing life, and with a sense of humor, compassion and empathy, he regularly used his talents to nurture, share and improve the world around him. One of the traits I admired most about Sami was that he knew when to take things seriously, and knew when to be light-hearted. His calming yet playful disposition endeared him to many. I was always touched by the delicate nature of this person who encouraged others to look a little bit deeper, to think and consider things from a different perspective.

In the time that I knew Sami, I never once heard him speak ill of anyone. His amiable, humane character shone through all that he did, and through his photography, art and Jasmine House, that beautiful soul will continue to live on.

And as the scent of the jasmine flower lingers in the air, so will you.

From all of us at BarakaBits, we will miss you. Rest eternally in peace, Sami.

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