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In Memory of Egyptian King of Comedy Sayed Zayan

Many fans of Arabic films would recognize the face of this well-respected artist. He is Sayed Zayan, often referred to as the King of Comedy, and he passed away after a long battle with illness on April 13 of 2016, at the age of 73.


Zayan leaves behind 171 works in films, television and theater dating back to the 1970’s to the early 2000’s. Most memorable are his roles in comedies including ‘The Green Soldier’ (Al-‘Askary Al-Akhdar), ‘My Fair Lady’ (Sayedati Al-Gameela) and ‘The Stupid and I’ (El-Ghaby Wa Ana).


Zayan belonged to Egypt’s ring of golden comedians, including Adel Emam, Shewikar Abdul Moneim Madbuli and Fouad Al Mohandess. His most iconic role was in the 1973 comedy play Madrasat El-Moshaghebeen (School of the Mischievous) as Lotfy, and the 1983 action comedy film El-Motasawel, in which he stars alongside Adel Imam as Khalil the Idiot, a member of a street gang.

Zayan was an important asset to Arabic and Egyptian comedy as the Egyptian Culture Minister Helmi Al Namnam called him “a great value in the art of comedy”, and he won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Our condolences go out to his friends and loved ones and may his soul rest in eternal peace.


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