Syrian Refugees Say Thank You to Canada

Syrian refugees have made it to the farthest corners of Earth. The ones who have made it to Canada are living well, all thanks to the good people of Saskatoon, Canada. Nearly a hundred of newly arrived Syrian people gathered at a Saskatoon mall, passing out roses, as a symbol of their appreciation, to anyone they could reach. Their message was very simple, Thank you!


The organizer Abdel Rahman Shehadeh, who had been in Canada for about two months at the time, told CBC news, “We came out here today with our families and kids to really truly thank all Canadians and just tell them thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what they have done for us and how they have welcomed us,”

Small acts like these can go a long way, and we wish all the refugees peace and happiness in their journeys.

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Israa Elkhatib

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