Iran is the 9th Country to Ban Animal Acts in Circuses

Iran has recently joined a growing list of countries in banning the use of wild animals in circuses.  Iran’s Department of the Environment announced that it will no longer issue permits allowing wildlife performances in circuses. So far this step ended wild animals performances in 31 Iranian states!

When you think of a circus, the first thing that comes to mind is the incredible acts of wild animals. An image of a lion jumping through hoops, an elephant balancing over a ball or a monkey riding a bicycle are just some things that automatically pop up in your head. But as phenomenal and entertaining these performances may appear, the gruesome truth is that circus animals are usually abused and cruelly treated during training to carry out these acts.

Becoming aware of the cruel training practices used to train circus animals, many animal rights organizations began holding protests to free animals from circus performances. One movement that succeeded in pushing change towards resolving this issue is Animal Rights Watch, which started a “ No to Circus” campaign in September, 2014. This movement has been supported by many other international organizations, and so far was able to end the exploitation of animals in about 13 circuses around the world!

In March, Iran joined 8 other countries Peru, Bolivia, Greece, Netherlands, Columbia, Slovenia, Paraguay, and Cyprus- in banning animal performances in circuses.

Taking this step, Iran stands up to fight for animal rights.

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