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Photos by Women Photographers from MENA is at a top USA Museum

On April 8th, art enthusiasts from around the United States gathered at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to check out one of the first exhibitions of its kind held in the museum. This time, the admirable exhibition was carried out by a group of 12 women photographers from Iran and the Arab world. The exhibition ,which opened its doors on April, will continue to receive visitors until the end of July.

The exhibition features twelve contemporary women photographers exploring issues of identity, narrative and representations.The title of the exhibition, She Who Tells a Story or in Arabic  ‘rawiya’, is inspired by the name of a collective of women photographers from the Middle East founded in 2009. The exhibition aims at raising a broader understanding of Iran and the Arab world. It also challenges Western stereotypes about the people and the culture of Iran and the Arab world.

The twelve photographers display more than 80 photographs and a video. The artists use different forms of photography that range between fine art and photojournalism to tell their stories directly rather than depending on the biased media .

The exhibition’s signature image -shown below- is part of Gohar Dashti’s, one of the photographers featured in the exhibition, series called “Today’s Life and War” from 2008.




Another featured artist, Shirin Neshat, displays her “The Book of Kings” series which was inspired by the protesters in the Iranian Green Movement in 2009 and the participants in the Arab Spring.


Women from Iran and the Arab world were able to exhibit a collection of the most powerful and provocative pieces to represent the area and tell their stories.

To view more of the artists’ photographs featured in the exhibition, visit She Who Tells a Story Instagram Gallery here.

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