Lebanon, Syria

2 Syrian Boys are Selling Their Artwork on the Streets of Beirut

For a child, fleeing from home and becoming a refugee, is a gruesome situation to be put in that more or less can negatively impact his/her childhood. Despite this unfortunate situation, many of these refugee children somehow get by. Trying their best to cope and recover, they uncover skills and talents they didn’t realize they had stored up their sleeves. These two Syrian boys who found refuge in Lebanon did just that. These two boys have managed to make a living by selling small postcard-sized drawings drawn by them on the streets of Beirut.

Mohammed and Nasser Darwish, ages 9 and 11 respectively, escaped Aleppo 5 years ago with their father. After losing their mother, their father was determined to provide his children with the best education possible. Now, they live with their father in a moving van in the middle of Beirut.

The boys’ passion for art can be seen in their artwork that currently hangs on the clothesline found between two trees in the busiest area of Beirut. They sell each painting for around 6 dollars. On 10 September 2016, Curator and gallery owner Enas Elkorashy will organize and curate an exhibition for Nasser and Mohammed at Made in.. Art Gallery in Venice, Italy. Enas Elkorashy will collaborate with Italian artist Patrizia Polese for the installation and use the drawings and paintings of the children. All drawings will be available for sale to help this family.

Videos of these boys are circulating the internet and their fame is growing wider. The circumstances of living the refugee life force a child to go through things a normal child wouldn’t go through. Nevertheless, these children are determined regain touch with their inner child by holding on to a hope of a brighter future.

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