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70 Street Cats now have a home thanks to this Turkish Woman

With the shortage of animal shelters in Turkey, there has been many individual initiatives to help less fortunate, lost or abandoned animals around the country. Meet Nurgul Tokgoz, a 52 year-old retired Turkish woman who decided to turn her house into a shelter for street cats. Tokgoz rented a triple-story house four years ago in Tekirdag, Turkey, only to live in one floor and turn the rest of the house into a shelter for cats.

Tokgoz who devoted her life for the protection and the well being of cats, now shelters 70 cats which wouldn’t otherwise have a shelter. The caring ‘cat lady’ makes sure she provides for the cats properly. Depending solely on her pension money, she buys cat food and covers the medical needs of her beloved cats. In exchange for her contribution for her community, Tokgoz asks for one thing: support, so that she can do more good. She told reporters that taking care of cats hasn’t been an easy task and that she needs animal supporters to help her even by donating cat food or covering medical requirements.






This Turkish lady is just one amazing example of the many people from Turkey, Iran and the rest of the Middle East who are willing to stand with everything they have in support of animals.

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