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Dina Amin: #TinkerFriday Project, The Art of Dismantling

Many of us have had that urge to take apart the pen we’re holding just to get a look at the tiny gizmos that make it up. Maybe some of you are like me, and you enjoy getting lost in electronics exposed to the eye due to its clear casing. Some people do have a fascination to find out what makes things…tick. One person took this fascination to a whole other level! Dina Amin has made a hobby and an art out of dismantling things and putting them back together into new characters, objects and even stories.

Every Friday, Dina uploads a new video on her Instagram page displaying the latest product that she took apart and put back together. This project of hers is called #TinkerFriday and has gained her over 4,500 followers!

On her website, Dina explains her hobby:

We consume too many things to the point that we forgot the amount of work that was put into bringing even the tiniest pieces of things! We rarely see what’s inside each product thus treat it as one whole part; not as a plastic cover, with buttons, vibrator motor, mic and so on.

Check out what she does to a game controller!

Born and raised in Egypt, Dina Amin completed her BA (Hons.) in Industrial Design at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Malaysia. She doesn’t consider herself an Industrial Designer though.

Follow Dina to keep up with her latest dismantling escapades and get a look into her wonderful sense of humor!

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