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WE ARE an energetic team of writers, content curators, developers and social marketers who are committed to sharing good news.

WE CREATE engaging digital news, direct from the Middle East to the world. We publish for a rapidly evolving audience that will not settle for the standardized stream of one-sided, negative reports that leave readers overwhelmed and desensitized. Through our coverage, we inspire our community to make a difference with whatever resources are available. We use images, videos, words, and events to celebrate and catalyze productive action.

OUR READERS are young enthusiasts looking for role models and opportunities to collaborate and engage. They come from 150 countries; most of them live in the UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. They are 17 to 30 year-olds looking to support companies that are actively seeking a triple bottom line.

OUR PAGE views have grown by 200% in the last 3 months and we estimate 20 million global visitors by 2017.  The Middle East is thirsty for a consistent positive narrative.

OUR BELIEF is that Together, We’re Better. We work with you to support positive local initiatives through innovative advertising that fits your target audience. From sponsored pages and content to creative uses of ad space, your company can take part in the good news movement.

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