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HQSF Ambassadors Train in Ramallah to Expand the Good News Network

A team of 23 alumni from the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation participated last February 7 in a training organized in collaboration with BarakaBits in…

I’m a Harvard Student. But I’m No Better than Any of You

“I’m a Harvard student, but I’m no better than any of you”. This is how a young Egyptian woman begins…

From the Depths of Lebanon’s Volatile Tripoli, This 11-year-old Student Was Crowned World Genius

“Nothing is impossible as long as there is a strong will,” said his father with a proud shining face. His…

The Bald and the Beautiful: Marivan’s Superhero

One schoolteacher’s spontaneous compassion has made him an overnight hero in Iran, and created a new way to symbolize support…