11 Signs You Were Raised by an Arab Mom

1) “Wainek?” Instead of “Hi, how are you?” as an opening line on the phone.

2) Being called “Mama” as a term of endearment, instead of “honey” or “sweetheart”. “No ya Mama you cannot go out tonight, we are having Ma’loobeh.”

3) You are very hospitable because you know that if you weren’t your mom would scold you later on.

4) Family comes first, and you probably lived at home until you got married (or still live at home if you’re not married or studying abroad).

5) From the moment you were born, she’s been waiting to talk about marriage and find the perfect person for you.

6) When you believe that if you have wet hair and a fan on your face that you’re going to get sick.

7) You know to always finish the food on your plate, and that even if you do, she will always put more.

8) You most likely didn’t grow up with pets (especially cats or dogs) because your mom thought they were dirty.

9) Certain parts of your home were always off limits; they were reserved especially for guests. Sneaking into those areas became a childhood game.

10) When mama says she’s making hamburgers for dinner, you know its actually just koftah.

11) Even though it was 45°C (113 °F) outside, she still dressed you in a “fanella” or undershirt, beneath your other clothes. 


We would love to hear your signs of being raised by an Arab mom (or Persian mom)! Tell us in the comments below! 

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