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Corporate Dropout Follows Her Dream To the Kitchen

I started a career in Advertising but shortly after decided to drop out from the corporate world and follow my passion. In 2011, I qualified as a Pastry Chef and received a Basic Cuisine certificate from Le Cordon Bleu, in London. Growing up I always had more of a sweet tooth. In 2014, I launched a food blog www.keystomykitchen.com. The recipes on the blog follow a personal journey. One that does not don’t focus on one type of cuisine – having lived in both the East and West, my food is rather a mélange of different flavors and tastes. I had an engrained appreciation for fresh local Lebanese harvests and international dishes that have grown into an ambition to create beautiful meals with skill, with finess, and with heart.

Today my kitchen is my playground that I venture into to cook, eat, and unwind. It’s the perfect setting for recreation and creativity, for alchemy and adventure. I love to share what comes out of my kitchen – fun stories, simple ideas and of course recipes that are lovely, straightforward, and fine-tuned a hundred times! There are improvised recipes that have materialized with the meals, imagined and simmered in my head before they were tested and realized, and ones that have come to me from friends, family, travels and cookbooks.

I’m currently working on my first cookbook – it is focused on Middle Eastern Cuisine, specifically Lebanese. The release date is to be determined.



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