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Hippocrate: Medical Platform Competing in MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab

Medical aid is something that every human, in every nook and cranny of the world needs. But we all know that it can be very expensive sometimes! Today, there is a new company entering the medical market. Hippocrate is the first big data Medical platform able to analyze the human genome in a few seconds, and it’s a competitor in the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition 2015-2016 . The MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab, is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2005 and is one of the 28 worldwide chapters of the MIT Enterprise Forum Global, an avid promoter of entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide.

Are you wondering what the name, Hippocrate, is based upon? Well, it’s not a ‘what’ it’s a ‘who’! Hippocrates is the father of medicine, an ancient greek Physician who lived between -460 and -370 BC, and according to the co-founder and CEO of Hippocrate Dhafer Ben Amor,  “the idea is to reestablish the Hippocratic ethics in medicine, called The Hippocratic Oath.”

Meet the brains behind Hippocrate this Tunisian-based company:

1. Dhafer Ben Amor: He is the co-founder and CEO of Hippocrate. He told us at Barakabits that the inspiration for this idea came after he and his wife struggled to find treatment for her illness. After a year of this ordeal, Dhafer said that, “This little experience made me reflect on the lack of coordination and lack of a reliable and shared information system by the entire medical profession”.

And so, since medical expenses can be extremely difficult and expensive to come by, Dhafer and his team have come up with a way “to enable very poor people to have access to free quality of care through a very similar system of Zakat“. Check out the other 3 co-founders of Hippocrate:

2. Walid Mathlouthi: engineer at Google, Silicon Valley, PHD at University of Toronto. He is the CTO, and is responsible for the development of the revolutionary platform.

3. Maher Kacem: is the Chief Commercial Officer. He was a former Business Developer at Methy Group a French multinational specialized in Analytics.

4. Rym Bedoui: She is the designer who worked at Havas Worldwide before joining the team, and she speaks 5 languages fluently.

Hippocrate allows poor people to get free consultations from the most reputed doctors and it allows the doctors who use it to generate 17 to 22% of additional revenue. The Hippocrate team believes that MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab competition “gives Hippocrate more visibility in the MENA market and allows us to meet more people whom can help in deploying our expansion strategy in the MENA Region.’

If you’re interested in learning more about, or helping, Hippocrate, check out their official web page.

Wish Hippocrate good luck in the competition, and don’t forget to leave a smile :)!

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